Pet Policy

Guidelines for Dogs and Other Pets

1.  Owners are responsible for their pets at all times.  This includes picking up after them and any damage they may cause.  Waste must be bagged and disposed of in outside trash cans.

2.  A copy of a current vaccination record to be shown upon registration.

3.  One pet allowed per site or cottage.

4.  Leashes must be strong enough to hold and keep the pet within the perimeter of the site.

5.  All pets must be walked on a leash "6 ft non-retractable" by an adult that is strong enough to handle the pet.  Children should not walk the pet.

6.  Pets are not to be left unattended at any time.

7.  We ask that all day visitors leave pets at home.

8.  Any pet that creates a nuisance, is not kept on it's site or shows aggressive behavior of any type will be asked to leave the premises.

9.  Well behaved pets are an enjoyable member of the family and are welcome, but they are not allowed in the bathrooms or laundry room.