Rates & Reservations

Weekly & 3 Day Weekend Rates

Want to experience the best family campground in Southern New Hampshire, but don't want to commit for a month?  Spend a 3 day weekend with us, or better yet, a full week.  Call the office for reservations, or send us an email at AyersLake18@gmail.com.

Monthly Rates


New Hampshire law requires all visitors to be registered before entering the campground-regardless of age.  

Daily Visitor Fees:  

Payment Information

We price our sites according to the location of the site, not the type of equipment that goes on it. "RV's 35ft or less fit best in our campground with limited sites for larger rv's- please call about site availability.

Seasonal Rates

Seasonal Deposit: 33% to reserve or Jan 15, 33% by Mar 31, balance due by May 1.

Credit Cards: A 3.5% processing fee applies for all credit card charges.

Seasonal guests may leave their campers over the winter with a $500 deposit and proof of insurance.


You will probably not see destructive pests hiding in your firewood, but you can prevent them from "hitchhiking" and starting new infestations by always following these simple rules:

Use local sources of firewood. Don't bring firewood from home when you travel, and don't return home with firewood from another state. A good rule is never move firewood more than 50 miles.

If you have already brought firewood from home, do not take it back or leave it behind. Burn it as soon as possible.

Please keep your fires small- no flames over 20 inches high. NO BONFIRES PERMITTED. Please only burn regular campfire wood. We do not allow the burning of construction wood, painted wood or pallets of any kind. It is against the law to move fireplaces.